A wonderful labyrinth. Marrakech

Two days to discover one of the most fascinating city in the world and run your first 21K of the 2016.
And my mind goes to the blue sky, the frenetic chaos in the Jema el-fnaa square, the taste of sweet oranges, the spice-scented air,  the narrow alleyways of the souk.
An enchanted place where time is suspended in a mixt of reality and fairy-tale.
Stay at Riad DAR JURAMAand enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The riad close by the palais de Bahia. 5 minutes walking from the jmaa el Pamper yourself with a luxurious hammam at Les Bains de Marrakech. I can really that that is a pure pleasure.
Get lost in the narrow alleways of the souk and bargain your favourite moroccan fabric.
Take a break and drink a fabulous minth tea at Café des Epicesjust inside the souk.
Enjoy the sunset in the terrace and eat a tasty kefta kebab at La Salama restaurant in rue banques, always in Jemaa El-fnaa.
Of course do not miss the International Marathon or half marathon de Marrakech at the end of january!


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