Mountain peak! Dolomiti

Up to the Piz Boé at 3115 mts breathing the freezing air of mountains, enjoying the marvelous landscape of Marmolada and then climbing down to the valley. OMG for some reason in the descent I was scared by the void and I got completely stuck. Could you imagine me on the vertical trail crippled by the fear. I have seen better days :-S but at the end it was worth to do it and probably sometimes I will have to go back and try again!
Canazei, August 2013


One response to “Mountain peak! Dolomiti

  1. I know the feeling of getting scared by the void!!!These dolomitic trails had that effect on me too! I hiked the peaks of S.Martino di Castrozza, and could actually see the Marmolada from up there!What a beautiful trip!!!


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